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Thank you for your interest in FEMSPORT.

We welcome everyone to participate in this unique, one-of-a-kind event. We encourage all levels of athletes and non-athletes to take part in becoming their own champion. There is no pre-requisite and all adult ages, shapes and sizes are welcome to compete in Femsport’s physically challenging events. The following should give you a better idea of the show format and what to expect. If you have any questions…just ask.


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You must be of legal age of majority in the province or territory which you are participating in. 

If you are competing in any of these provinces, you MUST be 18 + yrs old: - Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan.

If you are competing in any of these provinces or territories, you MUST be 19+ yrs old: - British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Yukon


There are two options for entries; Individual and Team.

You can enter as an Individual athlete if you are not participating on a Team.

All team participants’ scores will be recognized as an individual score, therefore allowing you to become a Team Champion AND/OR an Individual Champion. Athletes are not required to enter into both in order to obtain an individual score. You can enter as an Individual athlete if you are not participating on a Team.

Teams must be made up of 3 (three) athletes. Teams must be assembled prior to registration. It is not the responsibility of FEMSPORT Athletics to choose teams.

If a TEAM MEMBER IS UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE in one of the disciplines (i.e. tire flip) then that team member will receive no score and your team score will only consist of two scores for that discipline.

Team Fees:
Team fees MUST be paid in full prior to day of Registration/Athlete Meeting or additional fees apply to all team members!!

There are three divisions to choose from; NOVICE, OPEN or MASTERS. This will allow the athlete to place themselves in a comfortable level playing field.  You are not permitted to compete in more than one division.

Novice = First time competitors ONLY!!
If you are participating on a Novice Team, you are also automatically entered as a Novice Individual. You are not permitted to enter into two different divisions.

Open = First time competitors and ALL PREVIOUS COMPETITORS.
If you are participating on an Open Team, you are also automatically entered as an Open Individual. You are not permitted to enter into two different divisions.

Masters = Competitors age 40+
If you are participating on a Masters Team, you are also automatically entered as a Masters Individual.  You are not permitted to enter into two different divisions.  Masters division is open to both first time and returning competitors.


Unfortunately, entry fees cannot be refunded and we do not allow deferment of entry to another event.

Refunds or deferments for any Femsport event (other than capped event waiting list) will NOT be granted for any reason, including injury, pregnancy, family emergencies and work.  Entry fees are specific to the event entered into and may not be deferred to another event. We are unable make exceptions.

Femsport Athletics appreciates your understanding and cooperation in upholding the policies that are in place.

All entries received after capped amount will be placed on a waiting list and ONLY these entries will be refunded IF a spot does not become available or you do not wish to remain on the waiting list.

Most events are capped at 120 entries. Some may be more based on venue size and equipment availability. After the capped amount has been reached, entry forms are still accepted and placed on a waiting list and your fees will be on hold until a spot comes open. Your entry fee holds your spot on the waiting list.

Once a spot becomes available we will let you know immediately. If a spot does not become available to you by the day prior to the event…OR…you do not wish to remain on the waiting list, we will refund your entry fee.

Friday evening before the show – REGISTRATION / ATHLETE MEETING (Mandatory)
ALL athletes must attend registration AND athlete meeting

This is mandatory for ALL competitors.  If you do not register in person the day prior to the competition you could BE DISQUALIFIED!

It is important to us that you understand how challenging it can be to register, give out your goodies, answer questions, fill out bio cards, speak to all the athletes, amend score sheets if your team or division need to be changed, etc. the morning of the event…AND…get the venue prepared for competition. ONLY EXTREME SITUATIONS will be permitted to register the day of the event and you MUST contact us directly to discuss. 778-998-1990

If you are unable to make it to the athlete registration/meeting, with reasons beyond your control, between the allotted times (6:30 – 8:00pm) the day prior to event, please contact us in advance; or call direct 778-998-1990 so that we can make arrangements that same day.

Registration – Between 6:30pm and 7:30pm at our host hotel or venue (will advise via email once location is determined).   Competitors will be subject to the following:  be provided with FEMSPORT T-shirts (if applicable); complete all necessary forms; fill out bio-cards; hand-in registration fees (if not already registered); receive sponsors promo gifts (swag); and receive schedule information for show format, photo order forms, etc.

Athlete Meeting – at 7:30 pm immediately following registration hours at our host hotel or venue (will advise via email once location is determined)).  We will review all of the following information:   introduce itinerary; rules and regulations; each event/discipline; questions & answers.
numbers On the day of the competition:
Check-in is at 9:30am at the Femsport booth where you will receive your competitor number.

There will be a mandatory meeting for ALL competitors ½ hr prior to competition. This will be a quick meeting to notify you of any event changes and address any concerns you may have.

EVENT SCHEDULE: (approximate times – schedule may change at which time you will be notified)

comp 9

09:30 am - Athletes Check-in (at venue)
10:00am - Athletes Meeting (in athletes room/area)
10:15 am - 10:30am - Introductions & Competition Begin
4:45 pm - Entertainment OR Tug-of-War
5:00 pm - Awards
Note: Please keep in mind the final number of athletes can only be confirmed the day prior to the event and show times/schedule may need to be adjusted to accommodate the athletes, judges and spectators.

We will do our best to ensure the competition begins at 10:30 am. We will be on a very strict time schedule, so it’s imperative that everyone be in place on time.

ALL athletes are requested to stay in their FEMSPORT T-shirts OR Team Tops throughout the competition.

Fitness/Strength Events (Mandatory for Overall placing):
There are a total of 6 disciplines listed below.

• Sandbag Burpee / Clean & Press
• Box Jumps
• Kettlebell Lift
• Tire Pull
• Obstacle Medley
• Tire Flip

Our goal is to provide all 6 disciplines, however, at some events only 5 of the 6 disciplines will be selected. Since we are outside, weather may play a significant part in the decision of which disciplines are performed. And, in addition, there may be equipment and/or venue restrictions. We are unable to guarantee which events will be performed until the day off or day prior to competition.

TIP: Training for all disciplines will ensure you become a “well rounded”, prepared athlete!

SANDBAG BURPEE / CLEAN & PRESS NEW! These will be performed by using approx. 40 lb Sandbag. Competitors will perform 15 full repetitions for time. Each overhead press is a completed rep. You will have three (3) minutes maximum to complete this event..

Starting from standing position with sandbag on ground competitor grasps sandbag by inside handles performs a “clean” to flip sandbag to either knuckles or cradles in arms to then press directly overhead.


Then…placing the sandbag back onto the ground the competitor lays flat on the ground to connect chest to sandbag then stands back up (i.e. burpee) to do another clean to overhead press.
You may choose to either jump with both feet to plank/flat position…OR…walk it out / in.
You may also choose to remove your hands from sandbag during burpee/plank, but hands are only permitted at end of sandbag. Penalties will be given if hands placed in front of, or behind sandbag.

This is repeated 15 times as fast as you can and time will stop when sandbag has been placed on the ground after your last overhead press.     sandbag1

Resting: You are permitted as many 10sec rest periods as you need.  Remember, the clock does not stop while you take these rests.  If you do not continue your reps before the 10sec is up, your performance will be complete.  Each time you stop/rest, the timing judge will verbally count out the seconds

1 sec added for each of the following;

  • Chest does not touch sandbag during burpee
  • Hands touch sandbag before judge says “GO”
  • Sandbag is thrown, slammed or dropped
  • Hands placed on floor in front of or behind sandbag

Reps not counted if the following occurs;

  • Sandbag does not clear head
  • Competitor ducks under sandbag during overhead press
  • Clean is not performed (i.e. “snatch” or tossed above head)
  • Sandbag is not flipped to cradle in arms OR fists (knuckles)

comp 12BOX JUMPS – Performed side-by-side, competitors will be timed while completing a maximum 50 repetitions (jumps) on a box approx. 18 inches in height. You will have three (3) minutes maximum to complete this event.

Each athlete must ensure both feet touch any portion of the box top (not edge) simultaneously. Heel must not drop below the edge of the box or that repetition will not count. The FULL foot does not have to touch the box top…any part of the foot that touches the box top is counted as a rep, as long as the heels do not drop below box level, you’re good.

Stepping Down: You may choose to step down one foot at a time, but you MUST ensure both feet touch simultaneously on the jump “up” onto the box top.

Resting: You are permitted as many 10sec rest periods as you need. Remember, the clock does not stop while you take these rests. If you do not continue your reps before the 10sec is up, your performance will be complete. Each time you stop/rest, the timing judge will verbally count out the seconds.


It is MANDATORY that every competitor wear protective gear (SHIN GUARDS) on their shins during this discipline!!  If you do not…you will not be permitted to compete in box jumps! Shin guards MUST be hard surface.


Reps not counted if the following occurs;
• Hands touching box
• Feet not touching box area simultaneously
• Feet touch edge of box (heels drop)
• Athlete steps up instead of JUMPING up on box

KETTLEBELL LIFT – This will be a timed event performed side-by-side. Competitors will carry five Kettlebells (approx. comp 1320kg/44lbs …. 20kg/44lbs…. 24kg/52.8lbs …. 24kg/52.8lbs…. 32kg/70.4lbs), one at a time, from one location to another location (approx 30ft.) There will be a pedestal of decreasing height (5ft – 4.5ft – 4ft – 3.5ft – 3ft) at each location. Competitors must place one Kettlebell on top of each pedestal so that the Kettlebell stands upright within a marked area. ALL 5 Kettlebells must finish on top of platform. A final sprint will complete this event.

The 20kg kettlebell will be carried 30ft to and placed on the 5ft pedestal…the next 20kg kettlebell will be carried to and placed on the 4.5ft pedestal…the 24kg kettlebell will be carried to and placed on the 4.0ft…and so on…


1 sec added for each of the following;
• Competitor touches kettlebell BEFORE judge says “GO” (false start)
• Kettlebell does not remain upright on pedestal
• Tossing of Kettlebell
• Both feet do not cross “pickup” line before picking up next kettlebell

3 sec added for each of the following;
          • Kettlebell falls behind kettlebell pedestal

If KB falls to the front of the KB Pedestal, the athlete MUST pick it up and place it back onto the platform.
If KB  falls to the back of the KB Pedastal, the athlete MUST leave it and will receive a 3 second penalty (as stated above).

comp 14TIRE PULL – This is a timed event performed side-by-side along a course approximately 75 feet in length. Each athlete will pull a weighted tire (approx. 120 lbs) by running backwards as quickly as possible the full length of the course. Hips & feet must face the tire during pull. Each athlete must grip the rope at taped area of rope ends only, ensure the tire does not lift off the ground at any time and the tire must completely cross the finish line.


1 sec added for each of the following;
• Tire lifts off ground
• Hands move off marked grip area on rope
• Hips or feet turn sideways (must face tire during pull)


comp 15comp 16comp 17comp 18comp 19comp 20comp 21

This event is performed either one or two at a time. Depending on venue and available equipment, the Obstacle Medley will vary. Our aim is to have a course approx. 240 feet minimum in total length (3 lengths of 80ft).

The various components will include three (3) or more of the following:
• Farmers carry. 2 x 45 lb water jugs along two lengths of the course
• Agility Tires
• Balance Beam
• Agility Poles
• 4 ft Vault Box
• Over, under or through object
• Sprints
• Car Push (FROM BUMPER ONLY!!!)


1 sec added for each of the following;
• Each missed tire/square on agility run
• Each missed “x” on beam (there is one at each end)
• Jugs not place over in designated area
• Jugs do not stay upright
• Knocking over of any equipment (i.e. agility poles, hurdles, etc.)
• Full body must completely clear “over” obstacle (i.e. vault box)
3 secs added for each of the following;
• missed obstacle (i.e. beam)
• not going around marker cones
20 secs added for each of the following; NEW!
Not pushing car from bumper only. The bumper MUST be your ONLY point of contact with the car!!!

Additional penalties will be discussed based on set up as each venue may be slightly different and obstacles may be added which are not listed above.

TIP: It is best to train for all obstacles so that you are well prepared for all challenges that may be presented to you on competition day.

comp 22TIRE FLIP – This event is performed side-by-side.  Each athlete must flip approx. 260-290 lb tire, six (6) times…three flips one way…three flips back the other way. You will end up where you started. Tires may vary in size, tread and weight depending on what is available at the venue hosting the competition. You will have a maximum of three (3) minutes to complete your six (6) flips.

A wobbling tire must stop completely before time stops.  You are permitted to stop the tire from wobbling any way you see fit..


1 sec added for each of the following;
• Tire flips into path of opponent
• Athlete touches tire before judge says GO (i.e. false start)

TUG-OF-WAR (exhibition only) – This is strictly a fun event and ONLY if there is time at the end of the comp 23competition.

In the “Tug-of-War”, there will be a single-elimination tournament.

** NOTE: This is for exhibition only and will only be included in a team score as a tie breaker. If no tie breaker is required and the event is running late, the Tug-of-War will be excluded from the event.**

EXTRA CHALLENGE – There may, or may not, be an extra physical challenge included in the event. So make sure you train for all-round athleticism to ensure you are prepared.

** NOTE: Some changes made be required the day of competition due to increase/decrease of athletes, venue adaptations or circumstances beyond our control.**


comp 24

Tops: Your choice. However if you are on a team All competitors on your team are required to wear similar tops.
Logos, printing, design on tops are encouraged.

Pants: ALL athletes (Individual and Team) are responsible for and must wear black athletic pants or shorts. If you choose shorts, they must cover your buttocks completely and should be snug (spandex type).

• No floppy attire will be permitted
• No logos larger than 1” square are permitted on pants
• No stripes or colors other than black permitted on pants

Workout Gloves: You are more than welcome to wear gloves. This is your choice (not mandatory). Straps and/or chalk are not permitted.


It is MANDATORY that every competitor wear protective gear (SHIN GUARDS) on their shins during box jumps!!  If you do not…you will not be permitted to compete in box jumps! Socks, tape, tights, etc. on their own will NOT be permitted!  Hard surface protection only.  Please ensure your shin guards stay in place!!!

Awards will be given to Team and Individual athletes in both Novice, Open and Masters divisions along with product and/or cash prizes as per our sponsorship support.

Please remember, all prizes are donated by our sponsors and your direct appreciation to our supporters is highly recommended and appreciated.

Most events will have an official photographer who will be offering photo packages. An official photographer order form will be provided to you so that you may purchase these event photos.

Past FEMSPORT event coverage has appeared in Inside Fitness Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Double XL Magazine, MuscleMag International Magazine, Status Fitness Magazine, Fitness Expert Magazine (FEM), Urban Trendz, The WestEnder, METRO News, The Breakfast TV (City TV), Urban Rush TV, Shaw TV, Global TV, CBC TV Sports News, CBC Radio most local newsprint and numerous websites and online publications…just to name a few!

Athletes may be subject to mandatory and/or random drug tests. Testing encompasses anabolic steroids and substances not sold over the counter. Tests may include urinalysis, lie detector, and/or computer voice analysis. Refusal to comply or failure of a test will result in immediate disqualification and loss of titles, prizes etc. These athletes will be banned from all future FEMSPORT events and fined $1,000.

At the athletes meeting, the evening prior to the event, Femsport staff will review this material and proper form with you. They will demonstrate what will and will not count. Since form, reps and speed are key elements, it is important to prepare for this type of contest by continuing to train with proper form as you always do. Keep in mind, a large number of people who’ve never seen a strength and physically challenging event or even worked out will be present, so you’re encouraged to be the best role models for success that you can be – and that includes proper form in lifting.

Since this is an all-day event it is strongly suggested that you bring your own food to keep your nutrition and energy balanced.

As an athlete/competitor, it is your responsibility to ensure you keep informed of any changes and additional information to the show format, times, details, etc. Please remember to check the FEMSPORT website (www.femsport.tv), Facebook (www.facebook.com/Femsport.tv) and your Email regularly to keep up-to-date on any changes.

This is a very exciting event and we can’t thank you enough for agreeing to participate. Everyone will have an enjoyable time and one of the greater goals is that other young women (and men too) will be inspired to participate in athletic training, because there’s everything beautiful about fitness and strength.

See you soon!
Nancy & Carl

www.femsport.tv | | 778-998-1990
#406 – 2242 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 5X6

FEMSPORT ATHLETICS – “Become your own Champion”